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  Trendy Domain Name which reflects Your Updated Trendy Brand ID 4 Massive Social Media Exposure   Slogan, Slogan, Slogan with New Domain Name in 2022 !     One of the most significant decisions your company will make as it tries to compete with a wide range of other businesses on a global scale is choosing 2 nd   domain name.   As the internet expands the number of websites available to its consumers, the competitive character of online branding   searches will only grow exponentailly. As a result, your domain name selection will have a considerable influence on the performance of your existing website, particularly in terms of ‘Social Media Branding Identification’ . Choose A Domain Name That Reflects Your Branding ID which is Trendy and Powerful ! For every size business, a powerful domain name is critical at any stage of development. It should entice customers with a catchy phrase or distinctive Slogan or memorable ID to encourage more visitors to your existin

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  Penal Code 141 PC ​1. California law as to planting or tempering with evidence (Penal Code 141 PC)1.1. Actions that violate Penal Code 141 PCYou violate Penal Code 141 PC when you tamper with evidence (or potential evidence) by doing any of the following: Changing the evidence , Planting or placing the evidence in a particular place, Hiding the evidence , Moving the evidence, or Making or manufacturing evidence .

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“Technology is a useful servant.” And emails have ability to change the word Tech. If you plan to offer a high-quality, highly available email service, you need to minimize all downtime, both planned and unplanned. Doing so requires an email infrastructure with redundancy and failover capabilities that protects the service from individual failures, deployed on fault-tolerant network Mailbox storage must be redundant. Building such an infrastructure takes both time and expertise. By choosing a mature messaging provider like us, you have instant access to a highly-available email deployed in a world-class data center with physical security and around-the-clock administration. Internet is the fastest growing marketing medium today, simply because most of your prospects spend more time online than reading a newspaper/magazine, watching TV or other media. It makes infinite more sense to invest in online marketing today as it’s cheap and hits your prospects directly. If targeted correctly a

Letter to Cal Governor1

Image PermaID Wants to Provide Online-Identity Verification Solution for California Residents and Beyond Los Angeles,March15.2016– There are many free email providers on the Internet that make it cheap for anyone to have a mobile account, but they do come with their disadvantages.  While Google Mail is “king” it also has no sustained ability to authenticate or verify that the person behind the mail account is a live human and not a bot, nor does it prevent spam or identity abuse.  PermaID wants to change the way people view email by presenting a unique ID, authenticated mail product.  Unlike other free email providers, PermaID connects you accurately to an email account using authentic, memorable information such as a Driver’s License Number, license plate, or business phone.  This makes it easier to not only remember the information, but get in touch with someone quickly. “The Internet has made anonymity a thing of the past,” s

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Slide 5 of 27 - Carousel Conversation Dr. Steve Noh @permaiddotcom @ACLU_SoCal : I believe LAcity gov and LAC gov are coddling Racial Discrimination re: Spanish Language everywhere on Gov/Business/non profit org's Outgoing messages. Latinos are all using the Same Language,not like Asians. Latinos are Majority Race in CA. they can find a help ! 4:46 PM · Dec 23, 2021 · Twitter Web App View Tweet activity Tweet your reply Reply Home Explore Notifications Messages Bookmarks Lists Profile More Tweet Dr. Steve Noh @permaiddotcom www.perma ID .com "Guessable Email ID" with Powerful Logo(" pid '), where  Offline ID becomes Online ID  !!! Platform Email ID based on 'public ID'("Guessable Email ID") FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE permaID Introduces Guessable Email ID with Powerful Logo New service uses Logo(‘pid’)  to hint one’s Email ID ! OCTOBER 12, 2015 -  permaID is introducing a new style of e-mail service 4 EZ-Connect which utilizes a user’s Public ID(aka